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26th Edition of L'art dans les chapelles  7th july to 17th september 2017

Every summer for 26 years now, L’art dans les chapelles (Art in chapels) invites audiences to explore the rich architecture of central Brittany and come and enconter contemporary creativity.
Every summer, L’art dans les chapelles introduces the work of 15 artists spread over 20 sites in the heart of the Pays de Pontivy and Blavet valley, mainly in fifteenth and sixteenth century chapels.

A towfold invitation to discover comptemporary artistic creation and to take a new look at our patrimony.
A guide welcomes you at each of the chapels to accompany you in the discovery of the chapels and artworks.
Guided tours every Thursday and workshops on Thuesdays.

All through the year, L’art dans les chapelles offers a programme of nomadic meetings the first week-end of each month, open to all members of the public. We also propose guided visits, artistic workshops for school children, groups or businesses.